Graphic of Fortune 1000 and Primerica logos
Primerica Debuts on FORTUNE®1000 List for 2020

Primerica has been named to the 2020 FORTUNE® 1000 list of for the first time in the Company’s 43-year history. The Fortune 1000 is the annual ranking by Fortune Magazine of the 1,000 largest U.S.…

Teach Kids About Money Early

It’s no secret that children benefit from learning how to managed money. Here are some ways to share some valuable money lessons at home for different age groups.

Family, mother and teenage daughter using laptop computer credit card and doing online shopping. Women sitting at home in kitchen talking smiling choosing gifts
How to Talk to Your Teens About Money

Financial literacy starts at home. And if you have teenagers in your house, the time you have to impress on them to make good financial decisions before they’re out of your house may be dwindling. We’ve all heard the shocking statistics about how…

Couple sitting in their living room and checking their finances
Are You Saving for Emergencies?

Life throws curveballs. When faced with an emergency situation, many of us are reminded of the deficiencies and oversights that may exist in the perceived safety nets we’ve set up for our families.

Three Steps to Manage Your Money During Unforeseen Circumstances

When life presents an unforeseen event, such as an unexpected medical situation or a job loss, it’s natural to feel fear and uncertainty about the future, and it can be easy to let emotions take hold and run wild. How you handle the situation with…

Primerica donated 5,000 medical masks and 100,000 alcohol wipes to the Gwinnett County Health Department this week.
Primerica Donates Masks and Sanitizing Wipes to Local Medical Community

Primerica’s Home Office in Duluth, GA, recently donated 5,000 medical masks and 100,000 alcohol wipes to the Gwinnett County Health Department for use by the local medical community on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic in Georgia.

Primerica Is Here for You

During these unprecedented times, Primerica is serving the financial needs of North America. Our focus is on the health and well-being of our clients, representatives and employees. Primerica…

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Invest with Your Head, Not with the Headlines

The financial markets have experienced significant volatility due to concerns over the spread of the Coronavirus. Due to the unknown impact it may have on global supply chains and economies, market…

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The Primerica Foundation Makes $50,000 Donation to CDC Foundation

“We want to be part of the solution and make sure that we are not just protecting ourselves but helping our community as well,” Primerica CEO Glenn Williams said in a statement to the Primerica home…