Limitless Possibilities

Bre & Don McNeal
West Monroe, LA
Former Occupation: Graphic Design / Sports & Fitness

Limitless Possibilities

Bre & Don McNeal, of West Monroe, LA, never imagined how different their lives could be less than four years after starting their Primerica careers. Back in 2019, the young couple was desperately trying to find time for each other despite their hectic schedules. “We had only been dating for about a year and were both working two or more jobs to try to survive,” says Bre. “I had a graphic design degree and was working as a marketing coordinator, in addition to designing magazine spreads through my own small company. Don had a communications degree and was a substitute teacher and football coach at a local high school. At some point, he even picked up overnight hours at a boarding school for boys. We both understood our degrees wouldn’t equal six-figures, but our combined income was only around $35,000.”

Neither one was looking to make a complete career change when they first heard about Primerica, and they had never considered financial services as a possibility. But the part-time opportunity provided a glimmer of hope for their circumstances.1 Bre says, “The idea of getting licensed, making some extra income whenever we needed to, and being able to work together was very appealing. We were really excited because it seemed like the perfect business opportunity for us.”2, 3, 4, 5

Shortly after starting, they made the leap to join full-time and never look back.6 “During our first 12 months as full-time Reps, we made the same amount of income, but it felt better knowing we were doing it on our own terms and building a legacy for our family,” Bre recalls. “That extra $35,000 helped us in several ways, including being able to pay for our wedding and bringing my parents with us to our first Primerica leadership event in the Bahamas.”

Returning home from that event was the pivotal moment where everything changed for the McNeals. Bre shares, “We decided to give Primerica everything we had in order to get the growth we wanted. We rallied our small team and made the commitment to do something for our business every single day before going home.” Throughout the next 12 months, their hard work paid off, and they soon achieved Ownership of their business.7 “Here we were, a 27 and 28-year-old couple who used to struggle to save just $1,000. Now we not only own our own business, but we’re also able to buy our first home and we can now support our family through any hard times. We’re both accomplishing things our families were never able to do!”

As the McNeals continue to grow their business, the well-being of their clients remains their top priority. Their personalized approach has produced lasting friendships with many of them. “We committed ourselves early on to listening, loving, and serving every client,” they say. “We spend time in their homes getting to know them, their children, and what they’re passionate about. It’s important to take the extra step through education and friendship because every situation is different. That means every conversation is worth having and everyone deserves a customized financial plan. Some clients have told us they’d never had anyone take that much time explaining financial principles before! Knowing that we can make a difference in someone’s life makes getting up every day more exciting and more intentional.”

One particular story still resonates profoundly with the McNeals and their teammates as it illustrates the value of what Primerica offers: “A 21-year-old Rep in our base shop educated a young woman about the importance of term life insurance and she decided to protect herself financially. Five days later, she died unexpectedly in a tragic car accident. Because she purchased $250,000 worth of coverage and named her mother as the beneficiary, her mom was able to invest most of it with us to secure her future and most importantly, the future of her daughter’s two children. That’s why we do what we do.”

Bre and Don have never lost sight of where they started. “Primerica has completely taken the limits off of what we thought we could do and who we thought we could become,” they say. “When we reflect on it, there’s no other Company that comes close to Primerica. The level of dedication to do what’s right for the client, Company, and the Rep shows true every time.

“We offer hope to individuals who still aspire to be someone but may not have a place in corporate America. That hope comes in the form of a business opportunity. We intentionally correct the financial wrongs that have plagued communities for far too long. One thing will stand the test of time and that is we are 100% committed to doing what’s right. We are grateful to fight on the front lines for Main Street families every day.”

  1. Primerica Representatives are independent contractors and are not employees of Primerica. Representatives earn income through the sale of products and are not paid to recruit.
  2. Representatives must obtain all appropriate licenses and appointments prior to making a sale or receiving a commission.
  3. The Primerica representatives featured are recognized for having achieved extraordinary levels of cash flow during their careers. Personal cash flow levels fluctuate and these individuals’ achievements do not reflect earnings of typical representatives.
  4. From January 1 through December 31, 2022, Primerica paid cash flow to its North American sales force at an average of $7,479, which includes commissions paid on all lines of business to life licensed representatives. Figures include U.S. and Canadian dollars remaining in the local currency earned by the representative, not adjusted for exchange rates.
  5. Primerica representatives market term life insurance underwritten by National Benefit Life Insurance Company, Home Office: Long Island City, NY in New York State; Primerica Life Insurance Company, Executive Offices: Duluth, GA in all other U.S. jurisdictions; and Primerica Life Insurance Company of Canada, Home Office: Suite 400, 6985 Financial Drive, Mississauga, ON, L5N 0G3, Phone: 905-812-2900 in Canada.
  6. In Canada, the part-time opportunity may be subject to certain restrictions, depending on your occupation.
  7. The Ownership Program is subject to terms, conditions and applicable regulatory requirements. Please see POL for the Ownership Program documents and policies, which control in all respects.


Bre & Don McNeal, of West Monroe, LA, never imagined how different their lives could be less than four years after starting their Primerica careers.