Primerica Debuts Upgraded How Money Works™ Book and Financial Education Campaign

Primerica is proud to unveil a fresh upgrade to the How Money Works™ book, the educational cornerstone of the Primerica Crusade. This book – with more than 30 million copies in print – includes the timeless financial literacy concepts we’ve used to help middle-income families take control of their financial futures for more than 40 years.

Primerica has redesigned and expanded the How Money Works™ book to include even more educational content, an all-new life insurance section, and updated and simplified explanations of our proven principles to fit the unique challenges Main Street families face today.

The fundamental principles explained in the How Money Works™ materials have served as the building blocks for Primerica’s mission to provide families of all backgrounds with the financial know-how to protect their incomes, get out of debt, and systematically build generational wealth.

To learn more about Primerica’s new How Money Works™ educational materials and download a free copy of the book, go to the newly launched The Real How Money Works™ website. And be on the look out for even more educational content coming soon, including videos, social media, and more!

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