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Primerica Home Office volunteers gathered recently to construct their third Habitat for Humanity townhome in as many years. Primericans have given thousands of hours over the past two decades to the Habitat organization.

Founded by Millard and Linda Fuller in 1976 and given long-time support by Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter, Habitat for Humanity is active in nearly 90 countries and in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Guam and Puerto Rico.

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The Primerica Home Office wrapped up its summer Stamp Out Hunger food drive, benefiting the Lilburn Cooperative with a total of 4,500 items collected.

Field Technology gathered the most items by far – bringing in 1,914, or 44 items per person.

Stamp Out Hunger is a nationwide effort to provide food to local food banks, which experience challenges during the summer months due to lower donations. If you want to help those in need right now in Gwinnett County, Lilburn, Stone Mountain and parts of Tucker, the Lilburn coop is a great community resource.

If you would like to support a food bank in another area, visit for US food banks and for those in Canada.


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Primerica’s Great Day of Service was a beautiful, breezy fall day that had been preceded by days and days and days of rain in the Atlanta area. Luckily, the clouds parted this past October 2, and more than 80 Primerica Home Office volunteers banded together to spruce up, clean up, paint up and generally fix up the Partners Against Domestic Violence women’s and children’s emergency shelter.


Out came the brooms, mops, paint scrapers, brushers, rollers, sprayers, rakes, shovels, shears and saws – all employed to slick the place up a bit. The object was to spend a day making the shelter and its yard and play areas just a little nicer for those in need.


The Great Day of Service is the brainchild of the Gwinnett (County, GA) Coalition for Health and Human Services and it’s one of the most popular volunteer service days at Primerica’s Home Office. Primericans are always looking for ways to give back to their community and this truly was a Great Day of Service.

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The Summer Food Drive competition at Primerica’s Home Office is a popular campaign with employees. There’s always a healthy rivalry among the departments to see who can collect the most food items for donation to the Lilburn (GA) Co-op. It’s a joy to help out this wonderful organization, which has provided all kinds of services to people who find themselves in need in the Gwinnett county area since 1994. As with every year, Primerica’s employees didn’t disappoint. With more than 4,500 food items donated, volunteers filled three SUVs and two pickup trucks for the trip back to the food pantry.

The food drive was promoted throughout the Home Office campus with a Primerican poster campaign.


The following departments contributed to Primerica’s generous effort: Publications, Insurance Business Counsel, Human Resources, PFS University, PFSU Prelicensing/Agency Relations, Facilities/Warehouse, Television, Information Technology, Securities and Lilburn Co-Op volunteers were happy to take the food for folks in need.

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The tough economic climate is impacting people from across the spectrum. So, teens looking for summer work may be feeling the pinch just like everyone else. In fact, only 30% of teens currently have a summer job and the unemployment rate has risen to 22.7%.1

Times are tough for job seekers – both young and old – but here are four tips to help your kids find seasonal employment.

1. Network for success. Besides checking the classifieds and online job boards, contact family friends and let them know your son or daughter is looking for work.

2. Visit government sites. The stimulus plan set aside money for one million summer jobs for youths.2

3. Check discount stores and fast food chains. These outlets are thriving during the recession.

4. Don’t ignore volunteerism. It’s a great résumé and character builder.

Working a summer job is a great way to help your teen learn to become financially responsible. For more ideas on helping kids develop good money skills, visit to locate a local representative.

1, June 10, 2009
2 Money, May 2009


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