The Right Path

Igor & Georgina Rocha
Houston, TX
Former Occupation: Fast Food Restaurant Manager

The Right Path
At 19 years old, Igor Rocha of Houston, TX, had what he thought was a pretty solid gameplan for his future. He had already worked his way up to assistant manager at a fast food restaurant. “I was really good at my job, which included training new managers,” Igor recalls. “Managers from high-performing stores would get promoted to District Manager, which was my goal. And then after that, I was looking at a trajectory that could include overseeing multiple stores. So, I felt like I was on track for that future if I stayed long enough and performed.”


But after training more and more people to take the opportunity he wanted, that career path started looking a little less enticing. “Around that time, a Primerica Representative came over to the house to help my parents ‘Buy Term and Invest the Difference,’” Igor explains. “On the way out, the Representative asked me if I was open to potentially earning more income than I was earning in food service – and I said yes.” 1,2,3

Choose Your Own Destiny
At the time, Igor and his future wife, Georgina, were planning their wedding so the idea of earning some extra cash to fund their big day was appealing. But the earning potential wasn’t the only aspect of building a Primerica business that got the couple excited.


“At the restaurant, it didn’t matter how hard I worked or how much more I knew than the people I was training, because someone else was always benefiting from my efforts,” Igor explains. “But with Primerica, getting to the next level depends entirely on your own efforts, on how many families you help, and on whether you’re doing the right things to develop other leaders. We’re in control of our own success – nobody else.”


We Do What’s Right
After a few months of helping families part-time, the Rochas realized they wanted to focus on changing lives full-time. Just like the Primerica Representative who had helped Igor’s parents get on track for their financial goals, Igor and Georgina really loved seeing the positive impact their efforts across the kitchen table had in real time.


“We don’t see anyone else in the market doing for middle-income families what Primerica is doing,” Igor reflects. “What we do is help families ‘Buy Term’ so that if something were to happen, the family won’t face the devastation of financial loss as well. And we teach them how to ‘Invest the Difference,’ so that they can take advantage of the power of compound interest over time to have options for their future.”

Making a Difference
After nearly 20 years of working with clients throughout their community, the Rochas say they’re just getting started. “When we’re growing up, we’re taught how to make money and how to spend money, but most of us never learned how to make our money work for us,” Igor says. “If you think about how much money you’ll earn over your lifetime, it’s usually a huge number. Yet if you ask most people how much of that sum they’ll have at retirement, the answer is usually zero – or very little.


“The financial concepts we teach families are simple, but if we aren’t taught these ideas in school, how would we know how to reach our goals? Primerica has the right solutions and we teach the right financial principles to help families live better lives. It is so rewarding knowing when we leave a house, that family is on track for a much better future than before we came.”

  1. From January 1 through December 31, 2022, Primerica paid cash flow to its North American sales force at an average of $7,479, which includes commissions paid on all lines of business to life licensed representatives. Figures include U.S. and Canadian dollars remaining in the local currency earned by the representative, not adjusted for exchange rates.
  2. Life-licensed Primerica representatives are agents of the Primerica insurance companies: In the U.S. (except in New York), term life insurance products are underwritten by Primerica Life Insurance Company, Executive Offices: Duluth, Georgia. In New York, term life insurance products are underwritten by National Benefit Life Insurance Company, Home Office: Long Island City, New York.
  3. In the U.S., securities and advisory services are offered by PFS Investments Inc., 1 Primerica Parkway, Duluth, Georgia 30099-0001, member FINRA []. Primerica and PFS Investments Inc. are affiliated companies. PFS Investments Inc. conducts its advisory business under the name Primerica Advisors.