Primerica – For Lemuel Mercado, It’s a Family Thing

Lemuel Mercado Jr., of Miami Lakes, FL, has been sold on what Primerica can do for families from a very young age. “In 1999, when I was 14 my dad was killed in a car accident,” says Lemuel. “He was only 41 years old and just five minutes from making it home. Somebody cut him off on the interstate and he was thrown to the opposite side of the road. Dad’s accident showed me that life is unpredictable. It often doesn’t follow our plans and death can come at any time.”

Fortunately for his family, Lemuel Sr. had purchased a Primerica life policy. “Dad’s Primerica coverage made a huge difference to us,” remembers Lemuel. “Lack of money was one thing we didn’t have to deal with in all the aftermath of dad’s death.”

In the years that followed, Lemuel went on to train to become an auto mechanic. Soon, he met his now partner, Tammy. But he never forgot about Primerica. “What Primerica coverage had done for my family just stuck with me. I knew I was meant to work with this company. It was both a mental and emotional thing for me.

“The Primerica philosophy is that we should strive do to what’s right 100 percent of the time. Part of putting that into practice is making sure our clients are properly protected with term insurance. We believe that term insurance is the best for Main Street families because it’s so affordable most families can buy the coverage they need. We’ll even come to your home to help you learn about your financial needs and address them. Who else does that today?”

Lemuel started his Primerica business when he was only 19 years old. “It didn’t take long for me to see again first hand how important what we do is for families,” he says. “My first death claim was my nephew. That’s one of the reasons I work so hard. When I look at my client’s kids, I see myself as I was — not so long ago. It’s wonderful to do something I so much believe in while I’m building a business that I can own and pass down to my family.”

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