Primerica Was There

{Special thanks to the Phelps’ uplines, Julian & Shirley Mae Serena, for spreading the word about how Chuck and Kate are rising above their situation to continue to build their business}.

For years, Chuck & Kate Phelps, of Woodstock, Ontario, have been there for their clients, building their Primerica business by bringing hope to families in their community and sharing Primerica’s solutions for a brighter financial future. So when Chuck recently needed his Primerica family, they were ready!

On December 27, 2010, Chuck recalls lying on the couch in their home, with a splitting headache. “I was about to just take some pain medication and tough it out but it was so bad, I knew something was wrong,” he recalls. When they arrived at the hospital, they got a shock: a CT scan revealed a fist sized blood clot in his brain. They immediately transferred him to a larger hospital where he was scheduled for surgery the following day. “It’s a busy hospital and operating rooms are usually booked, but, thankfully, there was a table available,” says Chuck.

Once he was taken into surgery, doctors discovered his condition was much worse than they originally thought. His brain was at a “48-hour swell,” which is right on the verge of being fatal. To complicate matters, a large tumor was also found during surgery. “The doctors told my sister that I probably wouldn’t be able to see or walk again after the surgery,” Chuck explains. “But about 10 days later, I walked out of the hospital!”

Throughout his ordeal, Chuck says his Primerica business never faltered. “My team has been incredibly supportive,” Chuck says. “They ran the business – are still running the business, actually. I thank God every day that I am a part of this business. My Primerica teammates came through for us. They saved my business when I couldn’t be there physically to continue building.”

He continues, “For the first three months after my surgery, I had to be completely stress free to let my body heal. My Primerica team came through for me in an incredible way. I never worried about whether or not my clients would be taken care of or if my business would still be there for me when I recovered.”

But it wasn’t just his fellow Primerica business builders who came together to carry Chuck, Kate and their two children, Spencer, age 12 and Madison, age 10, through their challenges. “It takes something like this to make you realize just how much of an impact you’ve had on the lives of others,” enthuses Chuck. “When I was in the hospital, I was so touched by the clients who came by to wish me well and to help me out. What everyone has done for my family goes beyond just the friendships we’ve built over the years – they’ve become family.”

He adds, “So far, I’m doing well. I get a little bit better every day and I’m confident I’ll be back to business soon!”