Get a Life … Policy, That Is!

It’s not something that most people want to think about, but getting the right life insurance to protect your family should be a top priority. Are you among the 56% of households without an insurance policy?1 If so, it’s time for you to get a life … policy, that is!

The Catch-22
“More than 40% of families said they haven’t purchased life insurance because they have other financial priorities. At the same time, 40% of families with children under age 18 said they would have immediate trouble paying expenses if the primary bread winner died.”2

Don’t Leave Your Family’s Future to Chance
As many as 11 million households with children younger than 18 (families who really need coverage the most!) have no life insurance.3 Those households are taking a huge risk and leaving the future of their families to chance.

“The sudden death of a working parent could force the surviving spouse to make up for the loss of household income. And life insurance can be twice as important for a single parent.”4

Is your family covered? Contact a Primerica Representative near you today and get a “life” today!

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In New York, term life insurance products are underwritten by National Benefit Life Insurance Company, Home Office: Long Island City, New York. In the United States (except in New York), term life insurance products are underwritten by Primerica Life Insurance Company, Executive Offices: Duluth, Georgia. In Canada, term life insurance products are underwritten by Primerica Life Insurance Company of Canada, Head Office: Mississauga, Ontario.