Home Office Employees, YOU MAKE THE DIFFERENCE

The momentum at the Primerica Home Office in Duluth, GA, is incredible right now. Coming off of a huge Convention, everyone at the home office is excited and enthusiastic about supporting their clients and the sales force. They know that what they do every day makes a big difference! One employee, Douglas Hunt, recently wrote a letter to fellow Home Office employees that drove home the importance of what they do.

The letter is below:

Now is a very, very, very exciting time to be working at the Home Office for Primerica. Never in the history of our company have we been in such a unique position to have such a HUGE positive impact on our clients and reps. Whenever you speak to a rep or a client, know that you’re playing an integral role in changing someone’s life; BE ENCOURAGED. We are helping so many people.  You, as a Home Office Employee, should be proud and excited to be a participant in this great dynamic.

Right now there is a person who was the breadwinner in their household until they were let go from a job.  That person struggled for months or even years to find purpose in his or her life. He or she struggled with their character, their confidence, their belief in their own capabilities — until they sat down with a Primerica rep.

They had been told they would never be anything special because they didn’t carry an advanced degree or have rich friends with deep pockets.

They were too young or they were too old.

They had been told that it was too late to be somebody – TOO LATE to provide financial freedom for their family.

That Primerica rep showed them exciting new technological advances initiated by the Home Office – advances that were researched, tested, and put in place by Home Office employees. That Primerica rep showed this person TermNow, TurboApps, Primerica Ring, Client Account Manager, Virtual Base Shop, Morningstar, and a host of other new and exciting initiatives that would help put food on the table of a family in devastation.

That newly charged rep took those products and excited others with them. They then created a business that sent electrical shockwaves through the lives of hundreds of others that were in financial turmoil.

Companies are scared to expand, this company is not.

You, Home Office employee, are playing a major role in a very large function. Don’t ever feel discouraged. Don’t ever think your job is too miniscule. Always carry that intrinsic motivation that your job serves a higher purpose, it’s not just about a paycheck. You’re helping change lives. Let that fact motivate you and inspire you to offer more that can better this company.

One Team, One Dream

Douglas Hunt
Home Office Employee

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