Primerica Is Freedom

Brian & Jan Townsend, of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, joined Primerica to make a better life for themselves and their family. They’ve made a career out of helping to change lives in their community. But recently, they experienced first‑hand the power of what Primerica does for families.

“About two‑and‑a‑half years ago, my brother purchased term life insurance through Primerica,” recalls Jan. “Then, this past November, he was diagnosed with advanced acute leukemia. We were in shock at first – that’s something that happens to a stranger not to a family member! Then other thoughts came to the forefront, like ‘Thank goodness he’s covered with life insurance.’”

Brian and Jan were in the middle of a big push to move up in the business, to the Regional Vice President (RVP) level when the diagnosis came in. “November was the first month of our run to RVP,” explains Jan. “We were still working toward our advancement when my brother started his treatment in December. He became violently ill and nearly died. During that time, I spent many, many hours at the hospital. But, I also logged the most hours ever out in the field helping families and across the kitchen table on appointments.”

She continues, “This business is structured in such a way that despite the fact that we were away from the day‑to‑day of our business while we dealt with my brother’s illness, our business still grew and we still stayed on track for our RVP advancement. If we’d have continued with the telecommunications business we owned and operated before Primerica, we never would have been able to have been away for so long. I’d have been going insane with wanting to be at the hospital but not being able to. But at Primerica, we have total freedom to do what we need to for our family while not missing a step with our business growth.”

Now, several months later, Jan’s brother is in remission and preparing for a bone marrow transplant. “Blood siblings have only a 25% chance of being a perfect donor match and I happen to be one of that small percentage,” smiles Jan. “I feel so fortunate that I can help him – and, once again, because of our Primerica business, I’ll be able to travel to Seattle, WA, with him for nearly three weeks to have the procedure done. We are so glad that we have the flexibility to still build our business and earn an income even when life happens!”

For more information on how you can create a business that allows you to have the kind of freedom that the Townsends are experiencing, check out the Primerica Business Opportunity.

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