Primerica paid $939 million in death claims in 2010 alone

Primerica takes pride in doing what’s right. By helping families get the term life insurance they need to protect their loved ones, Primerica makes a difference every single day. Here’s what some Primerica representatives have had to say about the difference we make in helping ease families’ financial pain during such difficult circumstances:

“In 2004, I was just getting started building my Primerica business. My parents were one of my first clients and they purchased a term life insurance policy. Within six years, my mom passed away. While nothing can bring my mom back, it means everything that my dad does not have to worry about how to pay her medical bills. Primerica saved my family’s financial future!”

“We sold a term life insurance policy to a police officer who was later fatally shot in the line of duty. This coverage was contestable, by a strict reading of the life policy, since the officer was killed before one year had passed. But Primerica paid the claim anyway and it will be the only real money this family is going to get. From what I know of many life insurance companies – if they don’t have to pay, they don’t. That’s just another Primerica difference. We’re not just another life insurance company.”

“I met with new clients who had a baby but no life insurance. I asked them, ‘What if something happened and you don’t have coverage?’ That got through to them and they bought a life insurance policy. A few months later, the father died in a car accident. I was so happy I’d done the right thing and made sure this family had the coverage they needed. His wife and baby were able to stay in their home and she now has options for her and her child.”

“It was a poignant moment when I presented a death claim check to the widow of a man who’d given his life in the Afghanistan war. I am thankful that, because of Primerica, this hero’s family will not be left destitute. Because of Primerica, this soldier’s family will have more options for their future.”

A Primerica term life policy gave the Vaiasusos the financial wherewithal to move on with life when tragedy took a loved one from them.

Primerica pays death claims to families every day. We’re proud to be a company that makes a difference in families’ lives.

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