The Kochers: Two Generations of Primerica Businesses – Part II

Glenn Kocher
Edison, NJ
Former Occupation: Teacher

For Glenn Kocher, of Edison, NJ, one of the best parts about building a Primerica business is getting to do it alongside his parents, Jim & Mary Kocher. “Being able to work with my family is awesome,” enthuses Glenn.

He adds, “From a business standpoint, it’s incredible to have a successful example to follow and also have the opportunity to learn the business from them. From a personal standpoint, it’s really nice to not have a boss – so we can spend time as a family doing fun things, while our businesses continue to grow!”

Having the chance to become a successful entrepreneur alongside his family was one of the key reasons Glenn decided to join his parents in business. “I came to Primerica because I saw the freedom of time and the great income my parents had,” explains Glenn. “They were always so happy and excited and really loved what they were doing. I was teaching at the time and when I compared their life after 15 years in Primerica with those of my teaching colleagues who’d been on the job for the same amount of time, the difference was unbelievable. I wanted that for myself.”

He continues, “It wasn’t the actual job so much as it was being told when to be there, when I could take lunch and always having to ask permission to take off to do things that were important to me. I worked long hours for not much pay. Leaving that and starting my Primerica career – where my life is my own – was an easy choice!”

Once he started building his business, Glenn says he got a real taste for helping people in a meaningful way. “I loved everything about this business from the beginning,” smiles Glenn. “I really love working with and helping so many different types of people – from all backgrounds. It was just like being a part of a winning sports team. It’s an exciting feeling!”

Although Glenn is growing his own business separate from his parents, he says he loves the idea of creating success as a full team. “Primerica is truly unique from other family businesses,” he says. “Here, you’re working with your family toward group success, while finding your own personal successes along the way. In this business, each generation can stand on the shoulders of the other, instead of standing in their shadow. It’s awesome!”

For more information on how you can create your own Primerica family business, contact your local Primerica representative.

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