One Primerica Family’s Story

Texans Daina and Bill Sarafin first heard about Primerica years ago from a Primerica representative who was just beginning his business.

Daina remembers, “I was managing a store and doing executive training and he (Bill) was a supervisor at a chemical plant. And, here, this young man was just out of college and he sat us down and told us … we really needed more to put our finances together.”

The Sarafins had life insurance, 401(k)s and pensions through their workplaces. “But we needed to have our own program in place,” says Daina, remembering that day with the young man at the kitchen table. “To have our own life insurance – so we would have control over our own retirement savings outside of that. Quit saving our money in CDs. Start using mutual funds. Get out of debt. Pay off our credit cards.

“And he put us on a program,” smiles Daina, “and that program led us to be financially independent.”

Bill & Daina Sarafin

Fast forward several years and the Sarafins’ daughter, Alisa, met her husband, Todd Greer, while both were in the Air Force. As their tour of duty ended, Todd began looking for a career and was interested in Primerica.

“We were all in favor of it,” say Daina. “We thought they would really be able to help them not only with their finances but also be able to help him with a great career. We knew it was a great company. … We knew some people who were working with Primerica who were making a great living.”

Daina and Bill both wanted Todd and Alisa to move to Houston to so they could build a Primerica business with together. “I kept telling him. I’ll work with you if you come to Houston,” remembers Daina. “Bill was all excited about working with him…” says Daina.

Primerica representative - Alisa Greer

“People were shocked that I left a six-figure income, company car, stock options – but I knew I had to do something different with my life. So I started working with Primerica. I wanted freedom and I was tired of being controlled. I was approaching 50 at that point and I thought when am I going to control my life? When am I going to control my time? If not now, when?”

Life Can Change In an Instant
Bill and Daina’s plan was for her to run the couple’s Primerica Business until Bill retired in September 2010 at the age of 55 when he would take over. Daina would then spend the majority of her time taking care of the grandchildren.

But that was not to be. On January 16, 2010, Daina received a phone call. Bill had collapsed at work and Daina was instructed to get to the hospital right away. Never in her wildest dreams did she think that she wouldn’t even get the chance to say goodbye to her husband of more three decades.

When Daina arrived at the hospital, the doctors told her that Bill had died of a massive heart attack. Daina couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“He had all these plans,” sobs Diane. “We had been together for over 35 years – ever since we were teenagers and thought we were going to be together forever.

“I was very blessed to have our finances in order and my Primerica career and didn’t have to worry about money. But there are so many families out there that don’t have anything other than what they have at work and they don’t understand the importance. And they never think it can happen to them.

“Life can change in an instant,” says Daina. “I know my life got totally turned upside down with a phone call.

“And there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about Bill. I miss him every day. But thank God for Primerica. You know, I don’t have to worry about the financial end of it. I can remember him for being the great man that he was. You know, taking care of our family — taking care of our finances. We can celebrate his life and not have to go through a financial crisis that we would have gone through had it not been for Primerica.”

Note: Todd and Alisa have progressed to the Senior Vice President level with Primerica with an extensive business. Daina is a Regional Vice President and has her own team and a highly successful business as well.

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