How To Win In Primerica

One of the great things about Primerica is that if you’re really serious about what you’re trying to do and you get focused, you can win.

There’s only one catch, according to top Primerica leader Hector La Marque.  “You must pay the price to get really good at your craft and master the seven fundamentals of the business,” he says.  “If you get them down and you have a great work ethic, you can do phenomenally well.”

The Seven Fundamentals

  1. Prospecting
  2. Setting Appointments
  3. Winning Presentations
  4. Overcoming Objections
  5. Mastering the Products
  6. Recruiting at the Kitchen Table
  7. Getting New Reps Off to a Fast Start

“If you can become great at these seven fundamentals, you can become successful in Primerica,” Hector says.  “I’ve never seen anyone fail who mastered those seven things, but you do have to work.”

Preparation is the key, and you have to be willing to outwork everybody else – and you have to prepare better than everybody else.

The final key to success is learning how to manage the way you think, which leads to better results.

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