The Kochers: Two Generations of Primerica Businesses – Part I

Jim & Mary Kocher III
Edison, NJ
Former Occupation: Pastor

When Jim & Mary Kocher joined Primerica in 1985, their primary goal was to simply put themselves back in control of their future. “We were initially attracted to the Opportunity by Primerica’s crusade of helping middle income families to become properly protected, debt free and financially independent,” says Jim. “We also wanted to be able to set our own destiny, not have our future controlled by a job.”

They joined to change their lives financially, but found so much more than that, with their son, Glenn. “It’s an extraordinary feeling to be in business with our son,” enthuses Jim. “Our family Primerica business relies on mutual respect, a shared vision for success and quality time together. Just knowing that there’s a talented, committed successor to pass my business on to is a great thing.”

One of the best parts for the Kochers about building a business together is the chance to create success as a team. “We want Glenn to stand on our shoulders, so to speak, not sit in our shadows,” explains Jim. “He’s building success for himself but we’re all working toward the same goals.”

He continues, “Primerica gives us the ability to create a life of significance with the people we care about the most. Here, we have freedom of time and the potential for an unlimited income – and we get to do it together!”

For more information on how you can create your own Primerica family business, contact your local Primerica representative.

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