Former Military Medic Finds Successful Second Career at Primerica

Primerica representatives Todd and Alisa Greer

Todd & Alisa Greer
Houston, TX
Former Occupation: Medic

When Todd & Alisa Greer, of Houston, TX, first heard about the Primerica business opportunity in February 2001, Todd was serving as a medic in the military. He and Alisa were planning to leave the service later that year, so they decided to plan ahead and start building a Primerica business part-time.*

“My last day of military duty was scheduled for September 12, 2001,” recalls Todd. “But then the 9/11 attacks happened and ‘stop loss’ kicked in. I went on to serve another 10 months while the country recovered, but Alisa and I kept building our Primerica business throughout that time.”

By the time he was finally released, they had already built a growing business to move into full-time. “Things happen for a reason,” says Todd. “I appreciate the freedom of making my own schedule and calling my own shots so much more now.”

Fast forward nearly a decade and Todd and Alisa couldn’t be more excited about their Primerica career. “Primerica is the only place I know where you can have complete control over your career,” explains Todd. “Let’s face it, if you’re not related to your current CEO in corporate America, the chances are, you most likely will never be able to truly control your own destiny. At Primerica, YOU are your own boss. You make the decisions for how far or how fast you want to grow – and how much potential income you make.”

Because of Primerica, the Greers say they’ve been able to “design a lifestyle” instead of just make living. “Our Primerica income has allowed us to do so much more than we ever could have on my military salary,” says Todd. “We’ve been able to contribute to several charities, treat our entire family to vacations, send our kids to private schools and even buy our dream home. This business has literally changed the lives of our whole family.”

But it’s not just about making a great income, for Todd and Alisa. It’s about making a difference not just for their own family, but for those around them. “People really need what we do,” reflects Todd. “We provide the education and financial products that, we believe, can save middle income families from financial disaster down the road. What we do matters.”

Todd and Alisa are making a difference in their community – and you can, too. Talk to your Primerica representative to get started today!

*In Canada, the part-time option is not available in all jurisdictions and, where it is available, is subject to certain restrictions.

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