Giving Kids Hope for a Better Financial Future

For more than 30 years, Primerica has been in the business of helping Main Street families learn how money works. But the education doesn’t start and end with the parents. Primerica also believes that it’s never too early to begin teaching children about the importance of money management.

In 2005, Operation HOPE, Primerica and other local companies teamed up to help students in Atlanta successfully complete Operation HOPE’s award-winning financial literacy program, “Banking on Our Future.” To date, more than 20,900 Atlanta youth (501,726 nationwide) have been financially educated.

In July, Primerica donated $25,000 to Banking on Our Future to help the organization educate an additional 450 Atlanta youth in 2010.

“Primerica has always taken an educational approach with our clients to show them how to improve their financial futures. That’s why we’re so gratified to team with Operation HOPE and help teach students in our community about the basic financial concepts that will help them better prepare to make sound financial decisions as they move forward with their education and careers,” said Jeff Fendler, president and CEO, Primerica Life Insurance Company, and member of Operation HOPE’s Board of Directors.

Founded in 1996, “Banking on our Future” is Operation HOPE’s premier financial education program for youth ages 9-18 in underserved communities, emphasizing the value of learning to manage money and plan their finances effectively.

The program is of no cost to school districts, with a focus on urban, under-served communities. The program consists of five modules, I. Basics of Banking and Financial Services, II. Checking & Savings Accounts, III. The Power of Credit, IV. Basic Investments, and V. Dignity. In addition to financial education, the students are left with a message of empowerment, a message of responsibility, and most important, a message of HOPE.

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