Primerica Opportunity Window Open: 40% Want to Quit Jobs

Primerica Opportunity Open - 40% Want to Quit Jobs

In an era where unemployment is higher than 10% in most states, 40% of U.S. professionals are still thinking about quitting their jobs, according to a new survey by workplace supplier Regus.

People are “tired of not being promoted, bosses that don’t share company goals and being overworked,” The Business Journal of Milwaukee reported.

The survey also included a list of reasons workers cited for wanting to quit their jobs this year:

  • Lack of communication and involvement by top management – 40%
  • Lack of promotion, despite good work results – 37%
  • Overwork – 34%
  • Lack of company “vision” – 31%
  • Lack of administrative support – 26%

The uniqueness of the Primerica opportunity could not be better suited for these types of people who are currently dissatisfied with their careers.

Our future is unbelievable, and we offer people from all walks of life the opportunity to start a new career and earn promotions based on their own merits.

Primerica … Freedom Lives Here™

Primerica offers the opportunity for freedom:

  • From a job
  • From a boss
  • To be in business for yourself
  • To dream big
  • To live life on your terms

Primerica… Freedom Lives Here™.

Source:  The Business Journal of Milwaukee, August 12, 2010, “Survey: 40 percent of U.S. professionals want to quit”

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