Primerica Announces New Technology

Primerica is a dynamic business with an ever-growing field force of representatives. It’s a fast-paced business and Primerica’s technology department has been busy creating new software and systems to support both Primerica’s representatives and its clients. By taking full advantage of the ease and access of the Internet, Primerica has developed new technology:

Client Portal
Clients will be able to access most of their Primerica products, accounts and contact information for their Primerica representative through a single sign-on Web portal. The client portal is free to clients. It’s secure, user-friendly and clients are able to manage their accounts at their convenience.

Primerica Ring
Similar to Skype™, Primerica has partnered with a third-party vendor to provide a new video and Web collaboration system. Representatives will be able to interact with other representatives as well as clients no matter where they are. The system can connect multiple participants using a high speed Internet connection and Web cams. Sessions are secured and encrypted so that participants can share documents and applications with one another.

Client applications can be taken wirelessly with a smartphone and uploaded securely “over-the-air” to the Primerica Home Office instantly. This allows representatives to do business any- and everywhere, and allows them to work even more productively as all of their applications can be uploaded instantaneously.

The Best Is Yet to Come
Primerica is still beta testing other software and systems and is constantly looking to improve its processes to make the business easier and more convenient for both clients and representatives.

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