Great Coverage, Less Cash

Now, more than ever, people are looking for ways to trim the budget while still retaining as much of their current lifestyle as possible. Auto insurance and homeowner’s insurance are two areas where a little shopping around can make a big difference in how much cash a family outlays each year.

Primerica’s auto and homeowner’s insurance referral program, Primerica Secure™, offered through Insurance Answer Center, has been a big success out in the field – and here at the home office! In fact, as part of my job as a Staff Writer in our on site Publications Department, I’ve spoken to several home office employees who gave Primerica Secure a glowing seal of approval.

Over the next few months, I’ll be highlighting some of their stories – because saving a bunch of cash on a service everyone needs is worth talking about!

A Marriage Saver
Executive Vice President Cathy Falls jokes that ditching her old insurance company for one of the Primerica Secure companies may have saved her marriage. “My husband loves cars, so we usually have at least four for just the two of us,” she explains. “Given his ‘car affliction’ as I call it, we needed to trim some money somewhere in our budget. That’s why we looked into Primerica Secure.”

Cathy and husband, David, used to be like many people – loyal to a company for the simple reason that they’d always used them for insurance. “We were with our old insurer for 24 years, but just by shopping around through Primerica Secure, we saved $1,800 a year!” enthuses Cathy.


Switching was as easy as picking up the phone – and Cathy & David couldn’t be happier. “We will definitely be recommending this program to our friends and family,” says Cathy. “Putting that much money back into our pockets is amazing!”

Stay tuned for more Primerica employees who boosted their cash in pocket just by checking out their options!

Note: Primerica Secure is not available in Canada.