NY Primerica Leader Helps Fuel Her Community During COVID-19 Crisis

A Primerica field leader from a small town in central New York came up with an idea to help out her community – buy take out from local restaurants that have to close down their seating areas due to the coronavirus and feed first responders on their working shifts.

After COVID-19 restrictions began to get tighter throughout her state, Regional Vice President Michelle Shauger wanted to help out a particular restaurant owner she uses to cater her financial wellness seminars. She wasn’t sure what to do, so she anonymously sent meals to two shifts at their local police department from the restaurant.

“I didn’t know what else to do,” said Michelle. “I wanted to help out the restaurant and say thank you to the police department at the same time.”

Not wanting to leave out the third shift, Michelle and her husband, Rob, picked up food from another restaurant – a locally-owned diner – and delivered breakfast sandwiches, hash browns and orange juice to the officers who were working the night shift.

By that time, Michelle’s anonymity was broken, so she left a handwritten card. Word got out to the community when the appreciative officers took a picture of the card and posted it on the department’s Facebook page, thanking Michelle for her generosity. That’s when a local newspaper reporter caught wind of the story and contacted Michelle for an article.

Once that happened, Michelle had dinner delivered to every shift at the local fire station, further supporting the local restaurant owner in order to thank the firefighters.

“We’re a small town where everyone is trying to help one another and support their small, local businesses,” she said.