$20,000 Donation Made to Lend a Hand Bahamas

Photo of a man on truck giving an item to a Bahamian child

A $20,000 grant by The Primerica Foundation will benefit hundreds of children, adults and seniors served daily by Lend a Hand Bahamas, a volunteer-run organization in Nassau that provides financial literacy opportunities and other educational programs in Bahamian communities. The center opened in October 2018 and operates a variety of 4-H outreach programs and activities for youth, such as swimming, reading, computer science and robotics, sewing, visual arts and workforce prep.

Photo of teenage Bahamian boy holding an mechanical toy

“It’s not about saying at the end of the day in the media that this year we worked with five thousand kids,” said Lend a Hand Bahamas chairman Lucas Metropolus. “It’s about saying we worked with 200 kids every day or every week, and they actually understood and learned something new.”

Photo of a fallen trees and white buildings destroyed by hurricane

A portion of the grant will also be used by Lend a Hand Bahamas to provide continued aid to the youth and adult evacuees of Hurricane Dorian that will be traveling to Nassau from Grand Bahama and Abaco Islands. This support includes containers of relief supplies and education initiatives for individuals directly impacted by the storm.

Lend a Hand Bahamas is a sponsored project of the Marine Education Initiative.