Unhappy Workers Find Fresh Start With Primerica

A new survey reveals that 60% of workers are dissatisfied.* The reasons? Low pay, limited opportunities for growth, heavy workloads, and long hours topped the list of worker complaints.

But many workers feel they don’t have a choice: A shocking 70% of unhappy employees plan to stay put.*

Are you among them? Maybe you have more options than you think. The Primerica Opportunity allows you to own your own business and earn money based on how hard you work. You can start part-time and work when you are able to. The Primerica Opportunity works because it gives people from all walks of life the chance to create something with a future.

Angie Reed was frustrated with her career as a Realtor when she heard about the Primerica Opportunity. Now she is a full-time Primerica entrepreneur, earning unlimited income based on how hard she works, and passionate about helping families with their finances.

*Money, June 2012

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