Freedom to Live Life On Your Own Terms

Primerica’s entrepreneurial business opportunity is an excellent way for leaders earn a great potential income, be their own boss and take control of their own futures. But those are only the surface benefits of being in business for yourself. As Tommy and Kimberly Lee, of Carlsbad, CA, say, one of the most valuable aspects of their business is the freedom being a Primerica entrepreneur has enabled them to enjoy.

“We were living in Wayne, NJ, when we joined the business in 1994,” recalls Tommy. “I worked as an electrician before Primerica and I was instantly motivated by the opportunity to potentially own my own business – and be my own boss. Now, 18 years later, Primerica has not only given us the ability to achieve our financial goals, but this business has also given us the freedom, flexibility and belief that we can accomplish anything we put our minds to.”

Following A Dream
One of those things this pair “put their minds to” was a change of scenery. And, because Primerica doesn’t limit how big you build your business or where you do so, the Lees had the freedom to pick up their business and move themselves and their daughter, Skylar, to beautiful San Diego, CA in 2009. “Kim and I fell in love with San Diego when we qualified for one of Primerica’s incentive trips a few years after we started,” says Tommy. “It’s been one of our dreams to live here ever since – a dream we also instilled in our daughter.”

He continues, “In fact, Skylar was instrumental in our move. We’ve instilled in her the same ‘never give up on your dreams’ attitude that we have about our business so when things weren’t going so well with the sale of our house in NJ and Kim and I started back tracking a bit on our plans, she wouldn’t let us! She was seven years old at the time and I remember her telling us ‘Don’t give up on our dream.’”

Passing On Great Habits
The Lees have built a successful Primerica business (twice!) which has given them the freedom to choose the kind of lifestyle they enjoy and, they say, the ability to show their daughter the value of hard work. “We credit Primerica with helping us to be outstanding parents to Skylar,” enthuses Tommy. “It’s the toughest job, I think, but just seeing her learn from us and watching her model the principles we’re living in front of her is unbelievable. She really is the best person we know. She’s so confident, focused and super positive – which are all things our Primerica business has taught us to be!”

Tommy says their Primerica income has opened doors for their family that they couldn’t have even conceived before they joined. “We’re able to give Skylar the things we want to,” says Tommy. “She’s on the gymnastics team, she does dance and acting, and her teacher tells us she’s the best student in her fourth grade class. These are all habits that Kim and I have cultivated in ourselves as we’ve built our business first in New Jersey and now here in San Diego and we love that we’re passing those on to our daughter!”

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