Going on a Trip? Tips to Protect Your Credit

Before you travel, follow these tips to protect yourself from identity thieves.

  1. Let your credit card company know when you’re traveling (especially if leaving the country). Fraud departments have become more vigilant about monitoring unusual activity.
  2. If you get a call or email about suspicious activity on your card, don’t give out personal information or call the number on the message (an oft-used trick by identity thieves). Instead, call the customer service number on the back of your card.
  3. Suspend your mail delivery until you return. Your mail can be a treasure chest of information for identity thieves.
  4. Remove credit cards you won’t be using and other personal information from your wallet, and copy any important documents (driver’s licenses, passport, health insurance card, etc.) so you’ll have them in case your wallet is stolen.

-Kiplinger’s, June 2011