Primerica Is Freedom

Freedom of time and money is something everyone would love to have. But how many of us sacrifice freedom to make ends meet at a J-O-B?

A great example is a man in South Carolina who recently made news for quitting his job as a car salesman in order to be there to watch his son pitch in the College World Series. Last year, the father was forced to miss his son’s first appearance in the Series because the father’s employer wouldn’t let him take time off. This year, he was determined to make it for this important family event – and the only way was to quit.

Primerica is filled with stories of families like this one. People who were sick and tired of an employer controlling their time. These leaders were searching for a way to become free – and they found Primerica.

Primerica doesn’t make you choose between your family and your job. Here, you have the opportunity to build a successful business by helping families in your community. This business gives you the chance to earn what you’re worth, on your own schedule! That’s true freedom! Having the time and potential money to live life on your terms – not someone else’s.

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