College Costs Are Soaring – Fight Back!

College costs have skyrocketed: a 467% jump since 1986, compared to an inflation increase of 107%! Here are some ways to trim the bill.

Advanced Placement Exams.
High schoolers can earn college credit through Advanced Placement tests, and 90% of four-year colleges in the U.S. will count them as college credit. This can save you a semester or more of classes – and shave big bucks from your tuition, room and board.

Stay Close to Home.
Staying at an in-state public college can keep costs lower than a private or out-of-state college (tuition is usually lower for in-state residents). For even lower costs, consider attending a nearby community college. Students who have yet to decide on a major can get prerequisite classes out of the way for a fraction of the cost, and transfer later if they choose to go to a four-year university that ranks high in their field.

Rent Textbooks.
These days, even used textbooks are expensive. Consider another option: renting books through a service such as or, which boast student savings of up to 80%. Some services will ship anywhere in the country with free return shipping.

Stretch Your Savings.
If you have a child at home, consider opening an Education Savings Account today for him or her. It’s an excellent way to keep up with rising college costs and stretch your tuition dollars. Your Primerica Representative can help you get started today.

Source:, July 12, 2011