Primerica Changes Lives

If you ask any Primerica representative, they’ll probably tell you a million ways that this business has changed their life. But for Gerald Verghese & Lisa Yee, of Kirkland, Quebec, what stands out the most is how their Primerica business gave them the freedom to be there for their family – at a time when they were needed the most.

When their two children, Gabriel and Gracianne, were young, each developed life threatening illnesses that have kept the young family in and out of the hospital for the last 10 years.

When Gabriel was born, he was diagnosed with severe reflux and esophagitis. For nearly a year, Gerald and Lisa had to feed him a special high calorie, hypoallergenic formula through a feeding tube. Fast forward a few years and the family was just beginning to recover from that family trauma when their second child, Gracianne was born. “By her second birthday, we knew something was wrong,” says Lisa. “She was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. It was our second time going through the shock of emergency room visits and constant medical management of our child.”

For a lot of people, the stress alone would be overwhelming, not to mention trying to juggle doctor visits and emergency room runs with the day to day activities of holding down a job and maintaining a home. But Gerald and Lisa both credit their Primerica “family” with getting them through the tough times. “Primerica has been an incredible blessing in our lives,” says Gerald. “Both of our kids are managing their conditions well because Lisa and I have been able to give them our time and energy. Not only that, but because we’ve built a strong foundation for our Primerica business, we’ve continued to grow in that area as well.”


He continues, “None of what we’ve been able to do for our family would have been possible if I’d stayed in my former occupation as an accountant. That 9 to 5 workday wouldn’t have accommodated our family challenges and I’d probably have lost my job and income. Because of Primerica, we have been able to make a much larger income than I ever could have before and, more importantly, this business has given us freedom and flexibility with our time.”

Today, Gabriel is 10 years old and Gracianne is five. Each still faces challenges, but they are thriving in spite of their medical issues. “I used to be a negative person who would have been angry and resentful about having two very sick children,” reflects Gerald. “But this company has surrounded us with great people who showed us how to think and act in ways that make every situation better and not worse. We’ve been able to set a great example for our kids, too, so even their doctors remark how positive and happy they are, despite their challenges!”

He adds, “Primerica has allowed us to be totally involved in every aspect of our kids lives, which has tremendously increased the quality of life for our family. This business changed our lives and we are so grateful to have found this Opportunity!”

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