You Can Control the Future

René Turner of Atlanta, GA, believes that you can control the future. In fact, she’s dedicated her life to showing families exactly how it’s possible. “I think one of the best things about Primerica is that we can show any family that if they are not happy with where they are financially, there’s a way to make some decisions right away that will change the course of their situation … and their futures.”

Getting Started
While parenting a young, active daughter, René took on the lead role in their Primerica business when her husband Mel was called to the ministry. Charged to create an income that would replace her engineering salary, René wanted to be able to build a business without missing out on important milestones as her daughter grew. She decided to go for it with the understanding that every step she took from that point forth would determine whether or not her children would have the options she never had – and the ability to actually enjoy all that they worked so hard for.

As her family added another daughter, her resolve became even more sure: she had to create an atmosphere of success for her family. As her business grew, she found that the support she had at Primerica made it possible to do more than she thought she was capable of. The initial fear that she felt, she says, came from a lack of belief. That’s not a problem anymore. She’s reinvented herself as a courageous, successful entrepreneur. She said, “When I realized that Primerica had given me every possible tool I needed to learn, grow and succeed, that’s just what I did.”

Her goals changed, too. What was once just about making some changes for her family became about impacting the lives of others, as well. With her oldest daughter now a licensed Primerica representative, René said that they have created a family business based on a culture – an entrepreneurial culture that shaped the way her daughters look at the world. Together, they have the freedom to be citizens who actively contribute to make the world a better place. “Now, I make the decisions about what I spend my day doing. I make the choices that other entities used to make for me,” Rene noted with a smile. “I was able to change my future because Primerica showed me I had the power to.”

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