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Primerica Has the Solution

As the economy continues to fight its way back, many Americans who managed to hold onto their jobs still fear that history will repeat itself, according to the USA Today.

Anyone with a job that could potentially be done by a robot or a computer is looking over their shoulder now more ever, and, while the forecasts might be improving, the long-term outlook could be perilous for many people.

“Although most economists expect the U.S. job market to register at least small gains this year, many Americans who have a job still fear losing it,” the USA Today reported recently.  “Many who don’t have a job fear they never will find one.  And many in both camps worry that the recession, which officially ended a year and a half ago, speeded up the inevitable changes in the workplace.”

It’s simply the nature of our economy to experience an unstable job market, according to some experts.

“The U.S. economy churns a lot, more than in most countries,” said Harry Holzer, a Georgetown University government professor and co-author of Where Are All the Good Jobs Going.  “A lot of jobs are created and destroyed, and it creates a lot of anxiety.  In a recession, the insecurity is even worse.”

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Source:  USA Today, January 13, 2011, “The changing face of American jobs; It’s a tense time for many workers as career paths fade away and others emerge.”

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