All In the Family

Mike & Darlene Wooten of Marietta, GA, are Primerica veterans. They’ve been in the business more than 27 years now, but it wasn’t until a year and a half ago that the Wootens started all over … sort of. In February of 2009, their son Brett joined Primerica, and it was the beginning of a family business with endless opportunity.

At just 22, Brett was sure that Primerica was the company for him. He’d just graduated from college and had received offers from companies that promised to pay between $20,000 and $40,000 a year. While he knew that those numbers weren’t bad in the current economy, he also knew that working a J-O-B. meant that someone else would determine his schedule, his pay and his future. “I got a good degree from a good school,” he said. “But having my future in someone else’s hands was not something I wanted.”

Making the Decision
Brett went to some local Primerica events with his parents, including the 2007 Convention in Atlanta. “It was mind-blowing to see how Primerica had affected so many people’s lives!” Brett enthused. Joining Primerica felt “natural” to him.

He went to his father. “I said, ‘I really want to do Primerica.’ He was excited, but he never pushed me,” Brett remembers. His father remembers, too. “I’ve been in the business longer than he’s been alive,” laughed Mike. “I encouraged him to do whatever he wanted to in life, and he made the decision to come to Primerica.”

The Future of Primerica
Mike was always a very involved father. Brett recalls how his father, because of his Primerica business, always had the freedom of time to travel to away soccer games to support him. “Having him train me was just a continuation of that relationship. It was great getting the experience from my Dad. It was also nerve-wracking wondering if I could ever be as good as he is. I decided to just do what he said, and see where it took me,” he remarked.

It took him to a fast start in Primerica. Already, Brett’s efforts have earned him an incentive trip to San Diego (which his parents also earned). He’s got big goals and is doing everything in his power to reach them. Now, his 17-year-old brother is showing some interest in the business. “I think he’s seen me get more involved and realized that it’s a real option for him,” Brett said. But, Mike is planning to take the same approach with this son. “I don’t have to sell Primerica to him. He’s seen how the company has affected our family in so many positive ways. We’ll see what happens,” Mike adds. “You never know.”

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