How Giving a Little Helps a Lot

The devastation of the recent earthquakes in Haiti has touched the lives of people across the world. While droves of friends and family were receiving horrific news, one of Primerica’s own, Regional Vice President Peggee & Jarrin King, was elated to receive word that her parents, missionaries in her home country of Haiti, were alive. They were alive, but lacking the basic human necessities to keep themselves – and the people who depend on them – well.

The 7.0-magnitude earthquake that struck the nation of Haiti on January 12, 2010, flattened homes and crumpled government buildings. Because of the tremendous loss of life and the overwhelming need for food, water, shelter and medicines, the International Faith Fellowship Ministries, Inc. (IFF) was in dire straights. The Liberuses, Peggee’s parents and the founders of IFF, sent word that they needed help, and the Primerica community responded right away.

Senior National Sales Director Andy Young coordinated an effort that collected more than 850 boxes of food, medicine, clothing, toiletries, generators and more. These donations, along with monetary gifts, filled two moving trucks that Young, Jarrin King and two other Regional Vice Presidents – Chris McHugh and Joe Redd – drove to Venice, FL, and loaded aboard Agapé Flights.

In Haiti, Peggee’s family met the plane and distributed the more than 30,000 pounds of donated goods.

The amazing contribution was reportedly the largest the airline had seen to date – good news for a community of six churches, three schools and a Bible college that was waiting anxiously for relief. Peggee said, “We are overwhelmed by the response. It’s wonderful that people want to help, despite what’s going on with the economy here.”

Through these contributions given by the Primerica representatives and Home Office family, hundreds of people will be able to meet some of their most basic needs and begin determining how to go on from here. To boot, Primerica made a corporate donation of $10,000 to the American Red Cross to help in the Haiti recovery efforts. Individual employees have also made personal financial donations through many of the aid sites that have been established in the wake of the earthquakes.

Peggee warned, “As people are giving so generously, I want them to be mindful of which organizations they give money to. They want to make sure that the need gets to the people, like the Primerica donation did.” Jarrin added, “I also hope people remember that after the cameras have left, the people will still need us. Primerica helped to supply the immediate needs of the people – needs like food, water and medicine; but they didn’t forget to send things like saws and other tools. These are the things that will help the people of Haiti as they start the next step: rebuilding.”

Primerica said “yes” and came through for people who desperately need help right now. They delivered on a promise to do what’s right for families … starting with their own.

If you’re interested in giving specifically to the International Faith Fellowship Ministries, Inc., they are a 501(c)3 organization. You can make financial gifts at any Wachovia Bank.

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