Koobs Put Food on Kids’ Tables

With help from their team, a handful of Primerica offices are offering more than just financial solutions across kitchen tables in their community. They’re putting food on the table for hungry kids!

Ten Primerica offices in Ohio and Kentucky committed to a five-year, $500,000 commitment to the Kids Café program, a non-profit group started in 1996 that provides meals and tutoring to low-income children. Each week, hundreds of children get healthy meals and homework assistance at six locations around Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

Before the donation, the Kids Café budget was around $70,000, enabling the program to feed 2,000 children annually. Thanks to the ultimate “Primerica Makeover,” Kids Café will be able to expand its operations and ultimately feed 10,000 hungry children by the end of the year! Additionally, each Primerica office in the area will be sponsoring a Kids Café location where reps can volunteer their time.


“The representatives in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky learned that thousands of kids in this area go to bed at night without a meal,” explains Primerica representatives Chris and Elizabeth Koob.

“Hunger is just unacceptable to us. It affects brain development and learning, not to mention health,” he says. “So we all made a collective effort to support Kids Café. Doubling their annual budget will make an immediate impact because they already have the facilities in place.”

This story reminds us that there’s no limit to the number of ways Primerica and its representatives can reach out to the people in our neighborhoods, whether they need a financial solution or just a decent meal.

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