Gripping Life in the Palm of Our Hands

In 2005, Primerica teamed up with Palm Inc. to develop software that would allow the company’s licensed representatives to take life insurance applications on a handheld device. They aptly named it: TurboApps.

TurboApps was an immediate success for our company. Instead of being buried in paperwork, representatives and Home Office application processors could process applications electronically and instantly.

Before TurboApps, representatives mailed in:

  • More than 30,000 life insurance applications per month
  • More than 18,000 loan applications
  • Over 20,000 new representative applications … and more!

The new TurboApps technology saved time, money … and thousands of trees! Plus, the software made taking applications virtually error-free and helped the representatives receive their commissions sooner. This new, secure way of taking applications also helped qualified clients get insured faster. It was a win-win.

Since its release:

  • More than 695,000 applications have been sent via TurboApps.
  • TurboApps was honored with Computerworld’s Best Practices in Mobile & Wireless Award for “Business Evolution through Mobilizing Field Workers” and was also a 2007 Computerworld Honors Finalist.
  • Clients can be sure their information is password protected and encrypted, plus their business is issued faster.

Primerica has further enhanced TurboApps’ capabilities by adopting the new Windows Mobile 6.1 platform. When this platform rolls out this year, it will allow representatives to:

  • Adapt more easily to familiar “Windows” interface
  • Call, email or text a client within the TurboApps software
  • Run multiple software applications at once
  • Use Office Mobile

Primerica prides itself on using technology to help our representatives succeed in their businesses. TurboApps has changed the way we do business and has allowed us to keep pace in this fast-track business world.

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