The Hudgens and Primerica: A Great Community Partnership

Nearly 30 years ago, a group of art lovers was inspired by the bold mission to foster an understanding of and participation in the arts. That grassroots effort soon blossomed from a kitchen table idea to the state of the art Jacqueline Casey Hudgens Center for the Arts (the Hudgens).

What began as a grassroots effort in 1981, has grown into a thriving center for the arts. The facility houses three fine art galleries, a children’s gallery, classrooms, pottery studios for adults and children, a performance hall, sculpture garden, a black box theater, local artist gift shop and administrative offices.

In today’s world, the need for critical thinking, creative problem solving, effective communication and teamwork is more important than ever. The Hudgens believes that art forms a solid foundation for the next generation to develop the skills they’ll need to become tomorrow’s leaders! Primerica is proud to be a part of that tradition through grant sponsorship and participation on the board of directors by Vice President of Community and Foundation Relations/Strategic Marketing, Anne Soutter.

Anne first became involved with the Hudgens while working on a Primerica grant funding project. Art has always been a part of her life so having the chance to use some of the resources of the company to benefit a non profit community arts organization was right up her alley. “Of all the college courses I ever took, the one that impacted me the most was Art History. To study Art History and understand the cultural/societal context in which those artists worked, is to understand the continuing evolution of humanity.”

Primerica Hudgens

She continues, “The Hudgens is a critical part of our community and through class programming, school field trips and other outreach events, it’s providing a valuable benefit to the community.”

Anne’s experience working with the Hudgens throughout the grant process was so positive that when she was invited to join the board of directors, she accepted immediately. “This is very much a ‘working’ board and every member contributes their time and talent!” she says.

The Hudgens relies on community partnerships, donations and volunteers like Anne to continue to provide the high quality professionally taught classes and facilitate the exceptional exhibits and events, there is always a way to get involved.

Annual memberships at varying monetary levels are available for purchase on site and via the web and volunteers are always welcome. To learn more, about the Hudgens, find out about upcoming exhibits or classes, or to get involved, visit