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… For People Impacted by Recession

At a time when so many families have been forced to change their way of life, Primerica offers new hope for people to start dreaming again.

“The nation’s financial crisis is altering Americans’ way of life from the home and the workplace to the highway and the altar, according to the 2009 Census data,” The USA Today reported recently.

The impact has been felt throughout our society:

  • Median household income fell 2.9% in 2009, the second consecutive annual drop as the cost of living continues to rise.
  • One of eight housing units was vacant in 2009, a sign of the soaring foreclosure rate.
  • The share of women 18 and older who are married slipped below 50% for the first time ever, “an adaptive response to response to the lack of jobs and economic uncertainty,” according to a demographer at the Population Reference Bureau.

Primerica offers people the opportunity to start a business – with the freedom to build the way they decide, with no restrictions on the earnings potential.  Many choose to simply earn a little extra money part-time, while others begin a new full-time career.

“Our business does real good during good times,” Primerica Senior National Sales Director Jim Meyer said.  “Our business does great during poor economic times.”

The time is now, and people need a game plan and a financial education like never before.

Source:  Recession’s impact on us, USA Today, September 29, 2010


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Atlanta city leaders, reporters from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the Atlanta Business Chronicle, the Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau (ACVB) and top Primerica, Inc. executives met on June 17, to celebrate the return of Atlanta’s largest corporate meeting: the biannual Primerica Convention.

Primerica announced the return of our Convention to Atlanta’s Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC) and Georgia Dome, which will be held June 15-18, 2011. The Primerica Convention boasts more than 50,000 attendees and is expected to impact the local economy by generating more than $57.8 million.

“Signing for our 2011 Convention signifies a triumphant return as a Georgia-based public company,” enthused John A. Addison, chairman of Primerica Distribution, and co-CEO and Director of Primerica, to the gathered crowd. “Primerica’s representatives from all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico value this Convention as an investment in their businesses, and we are thrilled to be back and able to provide this opportunity for professional development.” Added chairman of the board and co-CEO D. Richard Williams, “By holding the event locally … we also support our hometown.”

ACVB President and CEO, William Pate, also expressed his excitement. “The conventions industry is an insurance policy for the city and the Primerica Convention plays a big role in Atlanta’s success.”

Primerica began holding its Convention in Atlanta in 1993. The event is so large it utilizes three wings of the GWCC, encompassing 1.4 million square feet of exhibition space. General sessions are hosted in the Georgia Dome in effort to accommodate Primerica’s thousands of attendees.

Read more about the 2011 Primerica Convention on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and via the Atlanta Business Chronicle.


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In today’s economy, many families are worried about layoffs, foreclosures and mounting debt. They’re looking for ways to cut costs, save more and make smarter money choices for their future.

Primerica, believes one of the first steps toward getting on track for a bright financial future is to create better spending and saving habits. To help you get into the mindset of making better money choices, Primerica presents three easy ways to curb spending.

1. Track purchases. Little purchases made every day can add up to big money at the end of the month. Keep track of expenditures by either writing them down in a notebook or purchasing budgeting software. You might be surprised at just how much you didn’t realize you were spending.
2. Minimize ATM visits. ATM withdrawals can add up quickly if you aren’t tracking them. It’s easy to keep pressing that withdrawal button and even taking out the minimum $20 at a time can add up quickly. The best plan is to set a limit on withdrawals per week and stick to it.
3. Cut spending by small amounts first. Breaking the over‑spending habit isn’t likely to happen overnight. Start small, say reducing spending by 10%. Once you get used to that adjustment, you can work your way up to a more aggressive cost‑cutting strategy.

Discretionary spending (e.g. eating out, entertainment, movie rentals, etc.) isn’t a bad thing, but over‑spending – particularly in times of economic upheaval – can put you into a precarious position if debt becomes too high or if you are laid off.

As you learn to budget better and spend less, the next step is to start socking away all that extra un‑spent cash. Primerica’s free Financial Needs Analysis offers a comprehensive snapshot of your finances and presents clear strategies for getting out of debt, becoming properly protected, saving more and getting on track for a great future.

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It’s been a tough year financially for many families due to a sluggish economy. In times like these, many people look for ways to cut costs and stash more cash to tide them over until the recession eases.

To get you started, here are three tips for boosting finances in a tough economy.

1. Make Positive Changes Last. Many surveys show that Americans are shifting their priorities in profound ways. For example, 63% say they are less materialistic, and 70% say they consider spending time with family more important than ever. Sixty three percent vow to no longer carry a credit card balance, and many are saving more – the personal savings rate has soared to 5.7%, the highest since 1995.1 Once you adopt these changes, it’s a good idea to continue them even when the economy gets better.


2. Pay With Cash or Checks. People who pay with credit or debit cards tend to: buy more things, pay a higher price for them (sometimes twice as much) and become less aware of how much they’ve spent than those who pay with cash or checks.2 You can avoid these pitfalls by putting plastic away for good. One way to get into the habit of using cash for everyday purchases is to set up a cash envelope system with one envelope for groceries, one for entertainment, etc.

3. Earn Extra Money. Start a part-time business or work a few hours a week at a second job to beef up a college savings or retirement savings account. Business opportunities, such as Primerica’s part- or full-time opportunity, are great ways to do something enjoyable while earning extra money each month.3 More information is available here:

1, June 1, 2009
2 Money, July 2008
3 In Canada, the part time option is not available in all jurisdictions and, where it is available, is subject to certain restrictions.

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The tough economic climate is impacting people from across the spectrum. So, teens looking for summer work may be feeling the pinch just like everyone else. In fact, only 30% of teens currently have a summer job and the unemployment rate has risen to 22.7%.1

Times are tough for job seekers – both young and old – but here are four tips to help your kids find seasonal employment.

1. Network for success. Besides checking the classifieds and online job boards, contact family friends and let them know your son or daughter is looking for work.

2. Visit government sites. The stimulus plan set aside money for one million summer jobs for youths.2

3. Check discount stores and fast food chains. These outlets are thriving during the recession.

4. Don’t ignore volunteerism. It’s a great résumé and character builder.

Working a summer job is a great way to help your teen learn to become financially responsible. For more ideas on helping kids develop good money skills, visit to locate a local representative.

1, June 10, 2009
2 Money, May 2009


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