A Beacon of Hope During Uncertain Times

Jimmy & Jae Lara
Ontario, CA
Former Occupation: Wireless Retail Owner

For most Primericans, giving their clients the tools that they need to achieve financial independence is an “every day” goal. During the pandemic, this client-centered mentality became not just a goal, but a necessity. Jimmy & Jae Lara, of Ontario, CA, have always been dedicated to going beyond just selling their clients a product, and instead remain focused on offering a total financial solution and top-notch service.

“My favorite part about helping Main Street families is changing their lives and future through education,” Jimmy says proudly. “Taking the time to educate my clients on how the HOW MONEY WORKS™ principles can work for them, rather than against them, causes an inevitable chain of events that can better their financial futures.” 2020 presented a new set of challenges for families all over the world. The Laras knew they needed to continue to educate, inspire and comfort their clients during an uncertain time that directly affected the lives of many. Primerica leaders like the Laras play a pivotal role in caring for their clients during difficult times. The Laras have given their clients more than just a financial education – these families will forever know that Primerica will always work for them, even when the world stops.

“Many of my clients lost their jobs,” Jimmy recalls. “I was able to assist them with things as simple as looking over their budget or financial goals. Primerica gave some of my clients the opportunity to join my team and build a business in a time of uncertainty across the country.1, 2

Lastly, some of my clients lost loved ones. We were present to aide them through the process, making sure they were set up financially, and letting them know that they were not alone as they navigate life moving forward.”

These leaders are not only devoted to changing the lives of the Main Street families they serve, but they are proud to be a part of Primerica. Jimmy reflects: “Primerica helps my clients leave their families in a better position that otherwise may have not been possible – I couldn’t think of anything more rewarding.”

1. Primerica Representatives are independent contractors and are not employees of Primerica. Representatives earn income through the sale of products and are not paid to recruit. 2. Primerica offers a business opportunity that involves the sale of term life insurance and various other financial service products. Primerica representatives are independent contractors, not employees. Their earnings are based on the sale of products offered by Primerica and also qualifying product referrals. Importantly, Primerica representatives must be appropriately licensed for each product line before they are qualified to make a sale.