An Insatiable Desire to Serve

Lisa M. Jones, of Glen Burnie, MD, plays many roles in her life. “I’m an African American woman, a single mother, a Christian and a cancer survivor to name a few,” says Lisa. “Many of these roles I was born into. But becoming a Primerica Representative was a role that I adopted later on in life. It’s allowed me to become a crusader for my community and build a business based upon freedom for families. That’s what lies at the very heart of Primerica.”

Growing up in inner city Baltimore, Lisa says she was a young girl when she realized the importance of a proper financial education. “The income level in my community was low. But once I learned the HOW MONEY WORKS™ Principles, I noticed a trend. The other financial services companies weren’t truly teaching these concepts. They failed to go above and beyond for their clients and many families were overlooked. But you can never underestimate the power of a good education. Education comes first, then comes the freedom to make your own choices.”

As a guest speaker for many organizations, Lisa often shares her journey with stage 4 cancer. It affected her ability to work for four and a half years, and when she finally returned, her self esteem had taken a hit. “I pushed through my insecurities and came back stronger than ever before. Today, I serve as a beacon of hope for my community. I want others to hear my story and know they can overcome life’s obstacles, too. There’s nothing like the power of the bounce back.”

She continues, “Helping my clients is priceless. All they’ve ever wanted is the truth. With Primerica, I’m able to educate first and implement second. My clients appreciate the knowledge I share and often express their gratitude for caring about their family’s welfare. Providing for my community is the most rewarding aspect of my life, which is something I’m able to do daily. I donate money to causes that I care about, act as a guest speaker, and have an insatiable desire to bless people with my walk, my talk and my giving.”

When asked how she’d describe Primerica in one word, Lisa says, “Unique. There’s no other company like Primerica. Many try to imitate it, but nothing will ever compare. What we have is incredibly special and the opportunity of a lifetime. I go to bed each night feeling honored and blessed to witness the greatness surrounding me.”

This representative has achieved an extraordinary level of success that is not typical. Most representatives will not achieve such cash flow levels or earnings milestones. From January 1 through December 31, 2021, Primerica paid cash flow to its North American sales force at an average of $8,410, which includes commissions paid on all lines of business to life licensed representatives. Figures include U.S. and Canadian dollars remaining in the local currency earned by the representative, not adjusted for exchange rates.

Primerica Representatives are independent contractors and are not employees of Primerica. Representatives earn income through the sale of products and are not paid to recruit. Primerica offers a business opportunity that involves the sale of term life insurance and various other financial service products. Primerica representatives are independent contractors, not employees. Their earnings are based on the sale of products offered by Primerica and also qualifying product referrals.

Importantly, Primerica representatives must be appropriately licensed for each product line before they are qualified to make a sale. If you decide to join Primerica, please know that there is a $99 (outside of US prices) Independent Business Application fee ($103.95 in Canada), which covers the cost of pre-licensing education and training, and the costs to obtain an insurance license. In addition, for a monthly fee of $25 ($28 in Canada), representatives are able to access important business building tools through our company intranet website.

Term insurance is underwritten in New York by National Benefit Life Insurance Co. in Long Island City, NY and in the rest of the U.S. by Primerica Life Insurance Co. in Duluth, GA. In Canada, term insurance and Common Sense Segregated Fund products are underwritten by Primerica Life Insurance Company of Canada (Head Office: Suite 400, 6985 Financial Drive, Mississauga, ON, L5N 0G3, Phone: 1-800-387-7876). In the U.S., securities and advisory services are offered by PFS Investments Inc., 1 Primerica Parkway, Duluth, GA 30099-0001, member FINRA []. PFS Investments Inc. conducts its advisory business under the name Primerica Advisors. Primerica and PFS Investments are affiliated companies. In Canada, mutual funds are offered by PFSL Investments Canada Ltd., mutual fund dealer. Head Office: Mississauga, ON.