A Living Lasting Legacy

Bill & Carol Orender Dallas, TX

Former Occupation:  Steel Sales

Bill & Carol Orender are living a life beyond their imagination. As one of the company’s pioneers, joining A.L. Williams in 1974, Bill was young, hungry, and ripe with ambition.1 That drive combined with his willingness to become part of a movement, work hard and follow a proven system have resulted in a legacy that will impact his family for generations to come.

Craving Something Different

Born and raised to a factory-working, Chicago family, Bill’s only insight into other families’ lifestyle came from watching television. His parents and all of his relatives worked in manufacturing and lived very humble lives. “My dad wanted me to work in a factory with him, be paid hourly and become a foreman – because that’s all he knew. I wanted something different for myself,” Bill remembers.

Bill initially thought his ticket out of a paycheck-to-paycheck existence would be getting an education and a traditional corporate job. “I went to junior college and worked during the day in a factory wearing a hardhat and metatarsal boots,” recalls Bill. “I kept saying there’s got to be more to life than this.”

After joining the Army Reserves, relocating to Atlanta, GA, and landing a corporate job, he made a life-changing acquaintance. “I met a woman named Virginia Carter socially,” Bill remembers.  “At the time I was in debt to my wife’s uncle for $4,000. When he called to collect the money, I felt such a sense of shame. That was my motivation to become successful at Primerica. I wanted to help clients and get out of debt. And out of the humiliation of ever owing anybody money again.”

The Early Years

Bill and Carol immediately saw the logic of the “Buy Term and Invest the Difference” philosophy and Primerica’s Crusade. They knew they needed to spread the word farther and help more families. They moved to Dallas – in large part due to the popular television show they enjoyed by the same name – and lived in a hotel for the first few months with their three children, all under the age of five. “I worked out of a very meager office and simply told the story,” says Bill. “And people loved the story and wanted to get involved.” All the while, Carol was able to dedicate all of her efforts to caring for their family.

“Follow the Math”

“I don’t take any credit for my success,” says Bill. “I just did what Virginia told me to do. And the reason why Primerica has a trusted success system is because we have the math to back it up. Goals can easily be mapped out with numbers and activity.” Bill continues, “People decide

to join us in the business opportunity because we have a proven system, and we always leave clients better than we found them. We get paid for helping people!”2


A Whole New World

Two new generations of Orenders get to live their lives in a whole new world. All because Bill and Carol did the work to create it. Today, Bill and Carol have four adult children, one of whom has joined Primerica, and nine grandchildren. “We were able to do the things that were so important to us and provide each one of our children with more options for their future.”

1 From January 1 through December 31, 2021, Primerica paid cash flow to its North American sales force at an average of $8,410, which includes commissions paid on all lines of business to life licensed representatives. Figures include U.S. and Canadian dollars remaining in the local currency earned by the representative, not adjusted for exchange rates.

2 Primerica offers a business opportunity that involves the sale of term life insurance and various other financial service products. Primerica representatives are independent contractors, not employees. Their earnings are based on the sale of products offered by Primerica and also qualifying product referrals. Importantly, Primerica representatives must be appropriately licensed for each product line before they are qualified to make a sale.