Fun Money Moves to Make in 2019

It’s that time of year again when people resolve to get both physically and financially fitter, but by mid-year we often realize that we have given up on these goals. Making these activities FUN could be the solution to the problem.

Here are three fun money moves to make in 2019:

  1. Challenge your will power. Spend the entire year without an affordable luxury item you may indulge in – be expensive lattes or fancy bath bombs. Every time you have a desire to make such a purchase, refrain, and instead save the cash or transfer the money directly into a savings account.
  2. Save all your $5 bills. Whenever you end up with a $5 bill, set it in a special place and don’t spend it. At the end of the year, count how much you have and use the money how you see fit – like for a trip you’ve wanted to go on, or a boost to your emergency savings account.
  3. Charge yourself for bad habits. Pick a not-so-good habit of yours you’d like to give up but haven’t yet and charge yourself $5 every time you do it. For instance, say you have poor posture. Every time you notice yourself slouching, pay up! Save all the money until the end of the year.



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