Zorro Rides Again

Mike & Stephanie Tuttle
Frisco, TX

Primerica Senior National Sales Director Mike & Stephanie Tuttle have a unique way of giving back to their community of Lindale, TX. In the spirit of the storybook legend of the masked defender of the common people, Mike Tuttle dresses up like Zorro, mounts his black stallion, Diablo, and rides around town spreading cheer.

“The bank saves their $1 gold coins for me,” says Mike. “I fill my saddle bags and I joke that I rob from the bad people and give to the good people. “

Whether they’re handing out $1 gold coins or rodeo tickets with a hot dog and a Coke to underprivileged kids, or sweetening the pot for Bingo winners at nursing homes, “Zorro” and his trusty sidekick, “Mrs. Zorro,” have found special ways to use the character to be charitable for the past 10 years.

Plus, they have a good time doing it.

“It’s just fun,” says Mike. “How many times do you see someone riding a black stallion giving out money these days? I’ve seen people literally crying because they’ve never been to a rodeo before. They can’t believe it.”

In addition to dressing up like Zorro and Mrs. Zorro, and Santa and Mrs. Claus during the holiday season, the Tuttles make frequent trips to Mexico, where they fund personal philanthropic projects – like surgeries and therapies – to complete strangers who need them.

“After you put in the hard word required to become successful, you can reach a life of significance,” says Mike. “That’s when you can play Zorro and Santa and give back to kids.”