Rusty Crossland: Leaving a Legacy



In 1988, the R.H. Crossland Foundation was established in Durango, CO. The foundation, created by Primerica Senior National Sales Director* Rusty Crossland, was built with “a purpose to foster a legacy of giving back further to his team and community.”

“My motivation for the foundation came after the death of my father,” explains Rusty. “Prior to his retirement, he was a supervisor in the Primerica Home Office mail room and loved giving back to others.”

Over the years, the foundation has contributed to an array of both local and national causes including charities, individuals and scholarships.

“My hard work has provided me with the resources to not only establish our historical document museum, but also to give money to countless worthy causes that are in alignment with our values,” says Rusty.

While the foundation’s track record is both long and varied, perhaps its greatest contribution has been to Amanda Boxtel. Amanda, a young Australian woman, was paralyzed from the waist down after a tragic ski accident in 1992. Since that day, Amanda has dreamed of walking again.

“Our foundation has had the opportunity to support her not only in her journey to walk again, but also while she founded Challenge Aspen – a non-profit organization,” Rusty explains. “Challenge Aspen is dedicated to presenting outdoor mountain experiences for individuals faced with cognitive or physical challenges, and we’ve been able to provide more than $500,000 in funding for associated causes.”

Additionally, the foundation has partnered with the Albert Pujols Family Foundation. This foundation exists to promote awareness, provide hope and meet tangible needs for impoverished families in the Dominican Republic.

“Albert is a super star baseball player for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim,” Rusty says. “We’ve connected with him to help fund medical and spiritual missions to Santo Domingo to aid the poverty-stricken areas.”

Today, the foundation continues to brighten the lives of others through donations and local events. This March, they are hosting Mountain Middle School at their site for an in-depth history lesson.

“My hard work has provided me with the opportunity to honor my father,” Rusty says. “But don’t forget you don’t need money to leave a legacy – your time, influence and service are what make the difference.”


* Primerica Representatives are independent contractors, and are not employees of Primerica Companies, or its parent company Primerica, Inc.