Setting Your Sights on College?


Do you have a rising high school senior in your family? If so, it’s time to start thinking about college.


Attending college is frequently one of the biggest financial decisions a person can make during their lifetime. If handled properly, college can be a rewarding pursuit that leads to excellent career options. However, if you are not prepared, the costs can leave you or your loved one with huge amounts of student debt. Here are some helpful hints to reduce college costs:

  • Apply to generous schools. Simply put, some colleges are more generous than others when it comes to scholarship rewards. Make sure you apply to several schools where you are confident you will get in and can afford.
  • Max out your test score. At many colleges, a few extra points on a standardized exam can mean thousands of dollars in scholarship money, so make sure you study hard. Test preparation courses can be a wise investment!
  • Avoid paying for your basics. By taking Advanced Placement classes during your junior and senior year of high school, you can get credit for some required freshman courses and avoid university tuition fees.