5 Easy Ways to Let Mom Know You Care


Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 8, and it’s the perfect time to show Mom some appreciation. Traditional gifts abound — cut flowers, jewelry, spa day, etc. — but if you’re trying to save money, there are easy and expensive ways you can make her feel special.

Here are five:

  1. Add a personal touch. While it’s always nice for your mother to receive a phone call if you don’t live close by, up the ante and make her a card! Or, even if you go the store bought route, write a thoughtful note inside. Sometimes it’s truly the little things that can brighten someone’s day.
  2. Lighten the load. Whether it’s laundry or mowing the lawn, help Mom free up time by tackling some chores around the house so she doesn’t have to. Even young children can do this one!
  3. Start the day off right. Want to help your mother get off to a bright start? Serve her breakfast in bed! Whether a light continental affair or her guilty pleasures, not having to lift a finger is always a treat!
  4. Plant a reminder. One great way to keep the love flowing well past Mother’s Day is to plant some flowers in your Mother’s yard (with her permission of course!). Whether some bright annuals to last a few months or pretty perennials that will come back each year, love is always in season!
  5. Give her the day off. Sometimes what a Mother needs the most is simply some time to herself to do something that makes her happy. Offer to watch the kids or pets and encourage her to grab some personal R&R — she’ll thank you for it!

However you decide to show your Mom some love on Mother’s Day, she’s sure to appreciate the thought that went into it. Just remember, you don’t have to break the bank to let her know you care.


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