Make Finances Romantic This Valentine’s Day


This Valentine’s Day, gift givers plan to spend an average of about $134.* Men say they will spend nearly twice the amount women plan to spend. Greeting cards and candy remain popular purchases, and about a third (mostly men) say they plan to buy flowers.* You don’t have to spend a bundle to have a meaningful Valentine’s Day this year.

Just spend time together. Studies show that time spent together brings more happiness than exchanging expensive presents. Instead of spending big bucks on presents this year, think of activities you both enjoy – like seeing a movie or making a meal together—and focus on each another instead.

Make a money date. Set a regular time – say once a month – to discuss your finances together. If you think that sounds unromantic, consider this: a 2014 survey of married couples found that 73% of women and 60% of men find their spouse more attractive when he or she was willing to talk about personal finances and credit.*

*Kiplinger’s, February 2015


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