Finding a New “American Dream”


Susan & Art Carreon
Riverside, CA
Former Occupation: Sales Representative
Former Income: $16,000
Primerica Income: $492,161*

Finding a New “American Dream”
Before they found Primerica, Susan and Art Carreon were like many middle-income families. They thought they were doing the right things to build a comfortable life – they worked hard, owned their own home and gave their three young daughters the best they could. But following the traditional path to the “American Dream” required sacrifices. “I worked in the corporate world for 21 years,” Art says. “I’d have to leave the house at 1:00 a.m. every morning and wouldn’t get home until 3:00 p.m. I hated missing all that time with our girls in the morning so I’d make sure I was there for them in the afternoons, coaching their sports and things like that. But it wasn’t enough.”

Susan continues, “Family is very important to us, and we did what we needed to in order to provide a good life for our three daughters – so Art’s job served its purpose. But we wanted a better life. When I came across the Primerica business opportunity, Art and I thought it would be a good way to get that.”

Freedom of Time
The Primerica business opportunity offers families like the Carreons the chance to build a business and create a life of freedom for themselves. But freedom doesn’t just mean having the potential for a great income – it’s also the chance to live life on your own terms, to have the freedom of time to focus on the people who are the most important to you. For the Carreons, the turning point in their lives happened early one morning. “About five years into the business, I got a call from Art at 6:00 a.m.,” recalls Susan.

“We had set a game plan in place when I first joined the business that when I earned enough to replace his $72,000 income that he would come into the business with me full-time. I had reached $103,000 in income through our Primerica business and that morning he called me from the office to say he was retiring himself from his job. That was an incredible moment for our whole family!”

Art continues, “I’d had enough of missing out on so much of my family’s life. It was such a relief to take all the efforts I’d been putting in for someone else’s benefit and instead put that hard work into building something with Susan for our own future. I don’t regret those years in the corporate world – my income allowed me to support my family. But finding Primerica truly changed our future and gave us our lives back.”

Changing the Dynamic
Today, the Carreons are living an incredible life. They’re building a family business with their three adult daughters and they enjoy the freedom of calling their own shots. “I love that because of Primerica we don’t have to worry about money,” reflects Art. “We have the freedom to do what we want, when we want and with whom we want. For me, the best part is having the time to develop relationships with people around me. I never really had the opportunity to do that before because I was giving so much of my time to an employer.”

Susan adds, “We still don’t live a lavish lifestyle. We follow the principles that Primerica teaches as far as investing and saving for our future, but we do love to travel – it’s one of our passions, in fact. Our Primerica business has given us the means to see the world and to share those experiences with the people we love. My mother died when I was 26, having never been able to travel or enjoy much time with her family. And Art didn’t get to see his dad very much because of his work, so Primerica has given us the chance to change the entire dynamic of our family relationships. Now, we get to share amazing experiences with our loved ones because Primerica enables us to do so!”

*Primerica income figures are based upon rolling 12‑month gross cash flow (including advances) as of September 2012. The cash flows stated are not intended to demonstrate the earnings of typical RVPs/representatives. Rather, the cash flows that have been cited reflect the potential that comes with building your business, and there is no guarantee that you will achieve any specific cash flow level. Most RVPs/representatives do not achieve the levels illustrated. In the 12‑month period ending in December 2011, Primerica paid a total of $504,514,944 in compensation to the sales force at an average of $5,544 per licensed representative. Average RVP earnings are typically higher. Actual gross cash flow is, among other factors, dependent upon the size and scale of a representative’s organization, the number of sales and the override spread on each sale, and the ability and efforts of you and your downlines. Having said this, Primerica provides a tremendous opportunity for individuals who work hard and who desire to develop a business with strong income potential.


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