Building A Legacy of Success

When Michele Kisenwether, of Hazle Township, PA, first heard about the Primerica business opportunity, she had no idea she was about to embark on a journey with her family that would lead to a business venture together. “I became a client in 1997,” recalls Michele. “One of the things I did initially was to start an education fund for my daughter, Amanda, so that she could get her teaching degree without having to take out any loans. I was so impressed by what Primerica had enabled me to do for my daughter that when Amanda was 21 I joined the business. Less than a year later, I was absolutely thrilled to have her join me!”

Amanda chimes in, “I graduated from college and started teaching in Philadelphia. I was working pretty much all the time and I still wasn’t earning enough to pay my bills. My parents were both entrepreneurs while I was growing up and I kept thinking about how they never had to ask anyone’s permission to do anything since they didn’t have a boss, and I realized that kind of freedom was really important to me. Mom had already joined Primerica and she kept talking to me about coming into the business with her. I finally decided to give it a try.”

A Perfect Fit
One of the great things about the Primerica opportunity is that it offers families the chance to build a legacy together. Each person grows their own business, on their own terms, and the overall organization benefits. “Working together has been very exciting,” says Michele. “I had always envisioned being in business with my children and having Amanda working alongside me has been wonderful. She inspires me in so many ways and I am so proud of her. Also, she met her husband in our office and they are now becoming a real powerhouse together.”

Amanda agrees. “Before my husband, Cody Rachau, and I moved to New Mexico to open an office, I loved being able to share so many moments and memories with my mom as we both built our businesses. We did a lot of personal growth and bettering of ourselves during that time, which is something I don’t think a lot of families have the opportunity to experience.”

“Primerica is absolutely a place to build a family dynasty,” enthuses Michele. “Right now I’m hoping to develop my son, Ryan, as a future business builder as well. I couldn’t have found a better company to fulfill my dreams of building a successful family business with my children!”

The Courage to Succeed
Both Michele and Amanda are proud of what they’ve accomplished together – and they’re excited about where they see themselves going in the future. “I’m so proud of how my mom always has the courage to do what she wants to do,” smiles Amanda. “She always taught me growing up to follow my dreams and ignore those who would try to hold me back. Watching her do the same with her Primerica business motivated me to want to do the same.”

“When Amanda and Cody made the decision to move their business to Albuquerque and basically start over, that made me so proud!” Michele says. “That took a lot of courage and it’s paying off with the successes they’re already having. It really illustrates to me the power of what can happen when you combine the Primerica Opportunity with talent and hard work!”

Amanda adds, “My mom is such a great example of an independent female leader. I’m so proud to watch her shine as a leader!”


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