Are Coffee and Lunch Eating Away at Your Budget?

How much are you really spending on coffee and lunch? According to a new study conducted by Accounting Principals, working Americans spend more than $1,000 on coffee and nearly $2,000 on lunch each year!

About half of Americans regularly buy coffee on workdays and 2/3 (66%) regularly buy their lunch. These coffee drinkers guzzle down $20 worth of coffee a week, adding up to $1,092 each year. Younger workers (ages 18-34 years old) spend twice as much on coffee than coffee drinkers age 45+ ($24.74 a week vs. $14.15 a week)


When it comes to lunchtime, most workers dining out spend about $37 a week, adding up to nearly $2,000 year—more than they are spending on their commuting costs ($1,476)! Again, younger workers spent more: $44.78 per week for 18-34 year olds, $31.80 for those 45+.

Many workers are starting to realize the effect of lunch costs on their budget: 35% have vowed to start bringing lunch instead of buying it in 2012. How about you?

Source: Accounting Principals Workonomix Survey, January 2012

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