Even in Tough Times, Don’t Skimp on Life Insurance

Today many families are struggling just to pay the bills – 22% say they have missed payments on bills in the past year.  During these tough times, you may be tempted to skip or skimp on life insurance.  However, this is one area where it’s best to stay up-to-date.

Why?  Consider what the sudden loss of a working parent could mean to your family’s financial future.  Are you a single parent — or know someone who is?  “Life insurance can be twice as important for a single parent.”[1] Yet, 69% of single parents with children living in the house have no life insurance at all.[2]  If this applies to you or someone you know, your Primerica representative can help.  He or she will help you become properly protected with low-cost term life insurance.  It costs five to 10 times less than costly whole life insurance![3]  “Once you accept that all you need is term insurance — it’s the most cost-efficient way to get coverage — the process is easy.”[4]

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