Bajajes Dream Big and Find Freedom in Primerica

Jatinder & Sadhana Bajaj
Upland, CA
Former Occupation: Real Estate Agent

Growing up in New Delhi, India, Jatinder Bajaj, now of Upland, CA, says he has always been very goal driven. “My parents were very prosperous, but it was very important to me to achieve my dreams on my own, without their financial help,” reflects Jatinder. “When I left home to pursue a masters degree in business in Canada, I only had $100 in my pocket.”

It wasn’t easy working three jobs and going to school full time, but his dreams were important to him so he pushed through until he finally graduated. For several years, Jatinder says he worked various jobs, in several different locations, to support his wife, Sadhana, and their growing family. But whatever small successes he found, he knew he could do better – he just didn’t know how.

When he heard about Primerica, he was working as a very successful real estate agent and enjoying a comfortable lifestyle with his family in California. But something was missing. “I was one of the top producers in the company and I was making a good income,” recalls Jatinder. “But I never felt like I was living up to my potential. When I heard about Primerica, it immediately impressed me as a place where we could achieve our goals and dreams without limits. There is unlimited room for growth here – we’re never restricted by a territory or by an employer.”

He continues, “But it wasn’t just the incredible business opportunity that brought us to this company. It was the opportunity to share with others the financial strategies that we’d already been applying to our own lives. The things Primerica stands for – ‘Buy Term and invest the difference,’ the Rule of 72, etc. – are principles we’d been practicing for years. We loved the idea of building a business around helping others to understand those concepts.”

Today, Jatinder and Sadhana are continuing to build a thriving Primerica business as they change lives in their community. “Because of Primerica, we are totally debt free,” enthuses Jatinder. “We live in our ‘dream home’ and have been proud to send each of our three children to the colleges they wanted. We’ve been able to support numerous charities through the years and we intend next to create a charitable foundation in India for the nation’s most needy.”

Jatinder says they’ve built their business and their lives around reaching for big goals – and they plan to continue stretching themselves toward greatness. “There is great power in writing down your goals, reading them daily and working hard to achieve them,” smiles Jatinder. “Sadhana and I prove every day to ourselves and our teammates that if you stay focused on your dreams – and work toward them – you can create something special!”

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